nartu Travelset “All you need”

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Travelset “All you need” Content:

nartu Shower & Shampoo with Neem oil 20 ml
nartu Body Oil Ginger 15 ml
nartu Day Cream Sambuco 15 ml
nartu Muscle & Body Balm Eucalyptus 20 ml

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nartu Shower & Shampoo Neem

The nurturing shower-shampoo “Neem“ optimises the purifying, antibacterial and antioxidant properties of the valuable neem oil with the natural substances from aloe vera, grapefruit oil and the exotically fragrant ylang ylang oil. With mild wash-active substances, obtained from coconut oil, it is a soft, nurturing shower-shampoo for daily use. Neem oil is also beneficial to the hair.

nartu Body Oil – Ginger

Valuable daily care for all skin types
The elaborate combination of valuable oils provides moisture and gives a radiant appearance. Ginger oil has additionally a stimulating effect and strengthens the body’s natural defences. Its spicy aroma sharpens the mental capacities. Immediately after applying the body oil a pleasantly warm feeling flows through the whole body – and the day can start!

nartu Sambuco Day cream

The cream for a fresh and firm skin. We wanted to create an application for every day and, on the basis of the substances of the elderberry, we have sought and found this formula.

nartu Muscle & Body Balm Eucalyptus

Perfect muscle relaxation – especially after intense training. The idea for this product arose in fact after intense yoga exercise. It’s simply a nice feeling to pamper the stressed body parts with this marvellously eucalyptus-scented muscle balm. The substances are absorbed deeply, whereas the oil components nourish the skin.


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