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My skin is very uncomplicated and easy to take care of until it comes to my scalp. There were times in the past when I struggled with dandruff and oily hair at the same time! I went so far as to wash my hair with the no-poo method, which turned out to be a complete disaster and I stopped it after 4 months. After this time, I still didn’t want to go back to a conventional shampoo. One big issue for me is animal testing which I refuse completely. Another thing I watch out for is synthetic and unnatural ingredients. For that reason, I now only use natural cosmetics for washing my hai

Even better, I had the chance to try the ‘Neem’ Shower-Shampoo from nartu. ‘Neem’ is a natural cosmetic product of high quality to treat your hair or even your whole body. The name ‘Neem’ comes from the Neem tree whose seeds are pressed to get the neem oil, which is the main active ingredient in the Shower-Shampoo. Other ingredients are aloe vera, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang oil.

Every time I use ‘Neem’ to wash my hair, I am really happy with the outcome. I decided to use this product for washing my hair only because it’s not cheapest and in this way, I can enjoy it for a longer time. What I like best about the ‘Neem’ Shower-Shampoo is the smell and the beautiful design of the brand logo. Furthermore, I am really sympathetic to the brand ‘nartu’, as they use all-natural ingredients and avoid animal testing, chemical preservatives, and other unnatural substances.




I would recommend using natural cosmetics without animal testing for washing your hair, animals and the planet will thank you for it

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